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Alex Macpherson

Alex Macpherson

We’ve invested in building a Ventures team that’s now approaching 20 strong with experience across a range of sectors and a track record of supporting entrepreneurs build their businesses.  We’ve been working to support early stage businesses to grow fast for over ten years now and over that time we’ve built a network of entrepreneurs, angels and partners.  This means we can offer unmatched expertise in helping small businesses grow, offering support to ensure the businesses we back have the best chance for success.

As an entrepreneurial business we get the challenges entrepreneurs face.  In fact many of our ventures team have built their own businesses.

As well as seeking out early-stage businesses to invest in, the team manages the many of our VCT and EIS portfolios for thousands of Octopus investors.

The team is headed by Alex Macpherson.

Contact the Ventures team

0800 316 2349
Alan Wallace,

Alan Wallace

Alliott Cole,

Alliott Cole

Anthony Collinson,

Anthony Collinson

Chris Wade,

Chris Wade

Claire Cunningham,

Claire Cunningham

Debu Purkayastha,

Debu Purkayastha

Frederic Lardieg,

Frederic Lardieg

George Whitehead,

George Whitehead

Ian Perry,

Ian Perry

Jane Vinson,

Jane Vinson

Jo Oliver,

Jo Oliver

Laura Heaton,

Laura Heaton

Luke Hakes,

Luke Hakes

Malcolm Ferguson,

Malcolm Ferguson

Priyanka Karunanithi,

Priyanka Karunanithi

Rebecca Hunt,

Rebecca Hunt

Samantha Ling,

Samantha Ling

Simon Andrews,

Simon Andrews

Simon King,

Simon King

Will Gibbs,

Will Gibbs

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